Friday, April 9, 2010

sleep...since when is sleeping so complicated?

The past two nights have been tough! Emmy has only slept in her bed for short periods of time. I would walk into her room and she would be on her belly and MAD! I rolled her over, gave her a pacifier and a pat. She would grin and kick her legs. So, I think, "no way is she going to sleep" and I pick her up. Almost instantly she would fall back to sleep. I hold her for 10 -15 minutes, lay her back down and those little eyes blink open. This goes on for hours. Both nights I finally threw in the towel and slept with her in the recliner. It probably wasn't the smartest of moves, but Mama has to sleep. I have no idea how parents with babies that don't sleep make it, especially those that go to work. I would be a terrible mess. Who am I kidding, I am a terrible mess with sleep! (or at least my house is!)

Taking my child into public places is always an adventure. Today we have been to Walmart and to the high school for a fundraiser dinner. She smiles. She coos. She kicks and waves her arms. Basically, she flirts and charms every person she sees that will look at her. It is a lot of fun, but it does make it difficult to get things done.

Another new favorite at our house is the Jumperoo. (I think I've already mentioned this) Emmy is so short that we have to put a pillow underneath it so that she can reach to jump. But boy when she gets going she is wild! She jumps with her whole body, arms thrown up, head back and both legs goin'. Maybe I should get some video to post...

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  1. Usually you will get into a pattern only to have it change in 2 weeks. One of the many struggles of kids. It's still hard with Hayden sometimes and he's almost 5!