Saturday, April 10, 2010

I can't be bothered

I can't be bothered by blogging tonight. I am much too busy being obsessed by this Web site: and plotting how I can become Ree Drummond when I grow up.

My obsessive reading of the Pioneer Woman got started because Emmy was having a rough day and I have spent the majority of mine on the couch with her:

Yep, I held a sleeping baby. If you fought with her to get to sleep as many times as I have today, you'd hold her as well. Poor Charles, if Emmy has it her way he'll never have a home cooked meal or clean underwear again.

Anyway, my hours on the couch with a sleeping baby also gave me ample opportunity to take pictures of her precious little feet:

I'm obsessed with her feet. I could probably make an album of pictures of her feet. They are soo soo soft, too. Amazing how soft little feet that have never been walked on are. When I took this picture I was thinking about a blog with just pictures of her feet. Maybe another day...

She finally conked out for good (I hope) and now the other end of the couch looks like this:

They leave very little room for Charles and me, huh? I think we need to get another couch so that the humans in the house have somewhere to sit.


  1. Leah,
    I work with Karen and had supper with you and Charles in Huntsville last October after we had been to a seminar. Love your blog and Emmy is such a beautiful baby. The Pioneer Woman is one of my ultimate favorite blogs. She is my lunchtime reading every day at work. Her recipes are wonderful, too. Check out my blog when you have the chance: Http:// Welcome to the world of blogging!

    Judy :)

  2. Saw your comment on Pioneer Woman's blog and thought I'd say hi. Looks like your dogs are quite comfortable here - don't you love how they stretch out to take up as much space on the couch as possible? I have the same problem here!