Thursday, April 1, 2010

Getting Started

As each day with Emmy passes I realize that all of her milestones, adventures, home photo sessions and other "important" comings and goings become less important and foggy in my memory. So, on this Thursday of Holy Week 2010 I start my blog. It might not always be witty or interesting (or even grammatically correct!), but it will always be about us. I should warn you, once I start writing or talking I can tend to be long-winded. Quit reading now if you know what is good for you!!

If you don't know us already, I am Leah, wife to Charles. Charles and I have been together for 11 years this year and will celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary on July 26 this year. We (um, I) postponed the having babies as long as I possibly thought I could. Charles and I have traveled and enjoyed life without kids to the fullest. Almost exactly a year ago we found out that we would be welcoming a new member into our family and that whole "life without kids" thing would go out the window. I'll try to tell you about that part of our adventure at some later date...

Today was a wonderfully warm Spring day. Emmy and I snuggled in and slept late as we try to do once or twice a week. As soon as she got up from her mommy nap I changed her into an Auburn t-shirt I've been meaning to put on her and we had one of our at home photo sessions. We had a normal day of feeding Emmy, entertaining Emmy, conning Emmy into naps, etc. Late afternoon I decided that I had been inside on a beautiful day for long enough and I spread out a blanket under the shade of our cherry tree. Emmy LOVED it. We watched the bees buzz by, smelled the cherry blossoms, and felt the grass beneath our toes. Finally, Spring is here!

Here are some photos from our mid-morning session:

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