Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Chattanooga Shopping Trip/Cousins

Caroline gives today's blog a "thumb's up".

Today Emmy and I trekked to Chattanooga to meet my cousin Dana and her daughter Caroline at the largest shopping mall in Tennessee. It was a great day. Emmy was excellent in the car (an hour each way) and a total sweetie in the mall. I hope she is always this good of a shopper! While there she got her first bathing suit, er suit(s), and her first pair of sunglasses. Stay tuned for photos!

The best part of the trip was seeing Emmy and Caroline together. Dana and I are first cousins. Our babies were born two days apart. Crazy, huh? People see us together with our babies and say, "Oh, the two of you must of planned it." Nope. Not even close. It was totally unplanned but very cool. At any rate, the girls are finally old enough to notice each other and were adorable together. Unfortunately, I don't have pictures of them being adorable. I do, however, have pictures of them being tired and cranky. You know you are cute if you can be cute while being tired and cranky.

I have multiple motives for posting these pictures from today. First, because they are cute. But second, to show how my tiny Emmy girl is movin' on up! Check out these earlier photos of the girls together. I think Emmy is gonna catch up with Caroline!

Emmy was born 11/16/09 and Caroline was born 11/18/09

First meeting: December 13, 2009

Second meeting: February 18, 2010

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